December 27, 2021

Believe that ‘Nothing Is Sold’ Is Sold At RM74,000 !?

 Salvatore Garau, an Italian -born artist once sold an invisible sculpture for RM74,000 called ‘Io Sono’ or ‘I am’.

According to Garau, invisible sculptures that do not have (empty) sculptures do not exist physically but they exist in a vacuum space as well as imagination.

It can be summed up as an invisible work and is only in the imagination of everyone who sees it.

During the bidding session for the sculpture, it started selling at the price tag of RM29,800 then went up to RM44,000 until one bidder dared to bid at the price tag of RM74,000.

As proof that the sculpture exists, the buyer obtains an original certificate as proof that the sculpture is original and not a fraud.

Garau added that there were special instructions to display the Io Sono sculpture apart from stating that the work was a very perfect work and did not affect the environment.

Meanwhile, in April 2021, Salvatore Garau has created another invisible sculpture near the front door of an art gallery museum in Italy.

Want to know what special instructions Salvatore Garau gave to exhibit Io Sono's work? Want to know what other work Salvatore Garau put on the doorstep of an art gallery museum in Italy?