December 28, 2021

Bitcoin Continues To Be Vigorously Traded, Is This Bullish Momentum?

 The crypto asset market has turned in a more bullish direction and the total value of the crypto market has reached $ 2.53 trillion as reported on major trading exchanges. The price of Bitcoin has jumped by 3.28% to a trading level of $ 51,382. This marks the BTC price successfully surpassing the psychological barrier level of $ 51,000. The BTC market level has reached $ 964 billion.

Bitcoin, ETH and crypto assets soared following bullish sentiment and risk -takers among market players. For ETH, the cryptocurrency managed to record a 0.77% consolidation to the trading price level of $ 4,090.24. With this price increase, ETH’s market capitalization has reached $ 480 billion.

XRP has also jumped 1.35 percent to reach $ 0.979. Cardano was among the most violent in the price increase today with a 8.18% jump to the $ 1.56 price level. Charles Hoskinson who is the initiator to IOHK which is the backbone of Cardano stated that he will develop a financial operating system in the second quarter of 2022 that will allow access to Africans for DeFi services.

Dogecoin (DOGE) -based meme and favorite of Tesla executive Elon Musk has recorded a price spike after Musk stated that Tesla will start accepting Dogecoin as payment for some Tesla gadgets. The Doge price has risen 4.72 percent to $ 0.1911.

As is well known that the market is always volatile. By 2021, this market has grown at a very rapid rate. Blockchain technology -based crypto assets are gaining wider acceptance.

Even so some countries such as Turkey, China, Bangladesh, and Iraq have imposed complete bans on the trade of crypto assets. Bitcoin prices today show bullish sentiment, rebounding from last week’s price fall.