December 28, 2021

Flood Issue Wants To Be Resolved, Malaysia Asks For Funds From The UN!

This fund to buy a water jet to?

Malaysia has requested US $ 3 million from the United Nations Green Climate Fund (GCF) to develop a national plan in an effort to help recover from the floods that left 70,000 people homeless.

Heavy rains since 18 December 2021 have caused severe floods that killed 48 people in 8 states in Malaysia besides causing severe damage.

According to the secretary general, the ministry will request funds from the GCF for the purpose of developing a National Adaptation Plan by the end of next year and long -term planning to implement programs to address the effects of climate change.

The plan focuses on water, agriculture, food security, public health, forestry and infrastructure.

This is the first time the Malaysian government has requested GCF funding for climate adaptation which is a policy implemented by the country to address climate change.

He added that the funds requested were not much compared to the RM9.8 billion or US $ 2.33 billion for flood mitigation projects such as building water barriers, catchment areas and deepening rivers that Malaysia had set aside.

Malaysia often experiences floods especially on the east coast which is prone to the northeast monsoon winds which start in October to March until the authorities do not pay attention in the western and central areas of the country resulting in severe destruction.