December 30, 2021

‘Green’ Momentum Remains Stagnant, Global Stock Markets Remain Mixed

 The world’s major stock indices were mixed as concerns over the spread of the Omicron variant eroded confidence over new restrictions on business and travel.

European stocks traded mixed while Asian stocks weakened.

Europe’s major stock indexes posted a 16% increase so far this year even as most investors focused on U.S. stocks have restored confidence in the Covid-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, shares in Hong Kong fell 0.99% on a decline in technology stocks and Chinese blue chip stocks fell 1.4%.

The MSCI worldwide equity index that tracks stocks in 50 countries rose 0.04% as it closed near a 5 -week high.

The Dow Jones Industrial average index rose 0.25%, the S&P 500 added 0.14%while the Nasdaq Composite fell 0.15%.

The MSCI Asia-Pacific broad index outside Japan was down 0.33% after posting a 6-session gain due to volatile trading in the US.

The dollar index, which measures a total of 6 other currencies, was down 0.3%.

European government bond yields remained a 1 -month high with German 10 -year borrowing costs remaining at -0.235% and short -term U.S. treasury yields approaching their highest level since March 2020 indicating that inflation expectations remain high.

Long -term U.S. treasury yields rose on Wednesday before the auction of 7 -year notes worth US $ 56 billion.

Brent crude oil prices rose 0.39% at $ 79.33 a barrel and US crude prices added 0.86% at $ 76.63 a barrel.

The spot price of gold remained at $ 1,803.64 per ounce.