December 29, 2021

South Korean Government Urges Apps Store & Google Play to Block Crypto Games!

 South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Game Management Committee (GMC) has imposed restrictions on the launch of new play-to-earn (P2E) concept games and at the same time urged Google Play and the App Store to remove similar concept games from the market. .

The effort began yesterday.

P2E is a blockchain -based game and most offer rewards in crypto and NFT.

They believe the decision taken was to address the growth of the speculative money -making “scheme” sector.

In addition, game developers will have to face the courts to get approval to launch their products on domestic application platforms.


They face difficulties in obtaining an age rating. This aspect needs to be met before being promoted on domestic application platforms.

Issues began to be their burden since April 2021.

The supreme court explained: "Now this is for because the cash rewards offered in the game can be considered as prizes."

For information, prizes earned from P2E games in the country cannot exceed 10,000 KRW (RM35.23).

Cisss. Not even RM100.