December 29, 2021

World's Most Expensive SMS Worth RM508,071, Auctioned As NFT!

 Wow, it's easy to make money through NFT.

The first short messaging service (SMS) sent via mobile phone in 1992 was sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) at auction at a price of 107,000 Euros or RM508,071 in France.

The buyer, whose identity was not disclosed, was a Canadian citizen from the technology sector and was given a unique digital replica of the SMS in the form of NFT.

Among those present during the auction session was 18 -year -old blockchain entrepreneur Luigi Caradonna who gave up on a bid of 75,000 Euros.

The first SMS was a 15 -letter message, Merry Christmas sent to Vodafone employee Richard Jarvis.

Vodafone has stated plans to donate the proceeds to the United Nations refugee agency.

NFT became so popular with collectors that some artwork sold for almost US $ 70 million or RM294.3 million at the auction session earlier this year.