Believe It Or Not, This Squid Makes Korean Stocks Soar ?!

 Surely you remember the Netflix drama from South Korea, Squid Game which was once a sensation last year.

The drama became a trend until it had its own cryptocurrency called SQUID.

The phenomenon of the Squid Game drama is so influential that it also made the shares of 2 South Korean media companies soar.

Bucket Studio Co, the agency of actor Lee Jung Jae who carries the lead character and owns a 15% stake in the drama soared with its market value increasing by ₩ 200 billion Won or RM706,296 million.

Later, Showbox, a film production company that once worked with Squid Game production company, Siren Pictures despite not being involved in the TV drama has seen its stake grow by more than 50% from September 23, 2021 to September 24, 2021.

According to Douglas Kim, an analyst from Smartkarma, it is expected that shares of South Korean companies related to TV and film production are expected to be in high demand for the next few years.

However, there is also an issue behind the success of Squid Game where it allows Netflix to be fined ₩ 50 million Won or RM176,590 thousand.

Want to know what issues allow Netflix to be fined? Want to know which shares of South Korean companies will go up next year?

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