GBP / USD is 'tired' climbing? Investors are careful!

 The focus of the pound investors will be directed in the issuance of UK's economic growth report through Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data for November 2021 at a European session shortly.

For the meantime, the pound continues to showcase excellent action in particular against US dollars that provide space as a result of the depreciation that occurs after a reaction to the US inflation rate that jumped.

On the currency chart of the GBP / USD currency pair, the price has maintained a rise pattern until Trading Thursday yesterday to a height of 1.37400.

The Bullish trend remains continued for the few weeks and may be connected next week.

But the situation requires US dollars to remain weak in the market. If otherwise, the price drop will be witnessed again.

The price drop back is moving below the Moving Average 50 (MA50) support level at a 1-hour time frame signal for the change of bearish trend.

Investors will focus on important levels before to decline as in the 1.36000 or lower zone at 1.35000.

However, if the ongoing price makes an increase at the end of the week, the 11-week Tebraru 11 week height will continue to be recorded.

Higher increase targets are seen towards the 1.38300 zone which is the resistance zone ever tested on trading October 2021.

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