January 14, 2022

The strengthening of China's exports, so the catalyst for economic growth

 China's exports grew better than expected in December with support by consolidation in continued global demand.

Annually exports expanded by 20.9%, exceeding the projection for an increase of 20%. While imports increased by 19.5%, deleted from an increase of 26.3% increase.

China recorded a trade surplus of $ 94.46 billion last month from $ 71.72 billion previously recorded, and better than expected $ 74.50 billion.

According to analysts, rapid expansion in China's exports is seen as a major factor that stimulates growth when other sectors show rusty.

This is because, COVID-19 current transmission in several cities causes key sectors such as manufacturing and business stunted. In line with that, it further increases the risk of decline in China's economic outlook in the first quarter.

China's exports are expected to remain strong in the first quarter of this year due to resilient global demand despite still being plagued by the threat of Covid-19 outbreaks around the world.

China is expected to issue data growth and retail sales data for 2021 on Monday.