January 14, 2022

Stock Market Shuffle, Dollar Way to the end of the week

 The Wall Street market shows stocks plunging when the dollar continues to withdraw after the Federal Reserve (Fed) officer signaled the hawkish signals on the rate increase as soon as March will further end the monetary conditions.

The US Governor and Banker's Central Bank, Lael Brainard has given a clear signal on the rise in the rate by March to curb inflation and the rigorous US labor market data also signaled congestion and inflationary pressures.

As a result, investor sentiments began to change restless and nervous about the signal.

The average index of Dow Jones Industrial lost 0.5%, S & P 500 dropped 1.4% and Nasdaq Composite fell 2.5%.

The worldwide MSCI stock gauge dropped 0.92% after European and US stocks fell in the Red Ocean.

The Japanese Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific Share Index remains horizontally after recording the largest daily profit in a month on Wednesday with Nikkei Japan eased 1% after a 2% increase.

The Stoxx 600 Pan-Europe index remains in loss when defense shares are matched with increases in car makers and technologies expected to improve semiconductor supplies.

The bond market saw US 10-year revenue decreased by 1.7006% despite some analysts saying it would rise higher this year despite the 10-year-10-year temporary increase in German yield -0.086%, approaching a positive result for the first time since May 2019.

In the meantime, the ongoing dollar wilted dropped at 2 months low with its index down 0.139% at 94.873 while the euro increased 0.1% at $ 1.14530.

US crude oil prices dropped 1.36% at $ 81.52 per barrel and Brent down 0.96% at $ 83.86.

Gold spot prices dropped 0.2% at $ 1,822.08 per ounce while US gold futures declined 0.65% at $ 1,821.20 per ounce.