January 14, 2022

Wikipedia against NFT is classified as an art!

 Especially if not art, NFT is called what?

The World Free Encyclopedia Editor, Wikipedia has agreed to resist Non-Fungible Token (NFT) as a form of art.

This NFT classification issue begins in late last December.

At that time the debate arose on the most expensive work and the question of whether NFT sales were considered 'art sales' or 'NFT sales'.

As a result, there is a difference in opinion in the Wikipedia editorial community on the definition of NFT and some think there is a lack of information to reach the concrete.

In the draw to include NFT in the sale of artworks or not, 5 editors opposed the idea and only one agreed.

As a result, on January 12 - the NFT collection of Pak (worth $ 91 million) and NFT beeple (worth $ 69 million) is removed from the list of sales of highest artworks.

But the decision was disputed because the NFT beeple 'Everydays: The First 5000 Days' illustrated a collage sold in Christie's in March last year.

In fact, The New York Times has described the beeple as the 3rd 3rd artist and successfully recorded the highest sales.

For knowledge, Wikipedia guidelines have emphasized, no votes are required to form a consensus. To achieve results, the consensus should include the participation of all participating editors.

As a record, this is not the first time Wikipedia faces crypto-related issues.

In September 2020, Wikipedia senior editor, cum crypto activist, David Gerard has supported a partnership related to Blockchain software firm, Power Ledger.