Moo, how are the cows able to Jana New Zealand?

 New Zealand is the world's largest exporter of dairy products until the New Zealand currency (NZD) is categorized as a commodity currency.

When a commodity becomes the source of a major export of a country, the national currency will be categorized as a commodity currency as a New Zealand example with its dairy products.

New Zealand's milk output comes from the very well preserved cows, it is fed a natural and not rearable grass in factories like in other countries.

It indirectly makes the quality of New Zealand cow's milk very high quality and makes the country's dairy sector contributing over $ 10 billion NZD.

Meanwhile, China is the largest exporter of New Zealand commodities where total exports to China are estimated to exceed $ 10 billion USD.

As a result, if you need any problems in China it will make the NZD value decrease.

Want to know more about what NZD influences the Chinese economy? Want to know the secret of New Zealand cow's milk remains the quality?

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