XRP jumped over 9% after the launch of the NFT-DEVNET!

 Open Payment Platform, RIPPLEX has announced the inauguration of the establishment of NFT-DEVNET to test the Non-Fungible Token Technology (NFT) capabilities in the network with the presence of XLS-20D.

According to Ripplex Software Engineer, Nik Bougalis on January 11, so far many developers have begun to build consumption cases for applications and penokenations in NFT-DEVNET.

The proposal to introduce the XLS-20D was also featured on May 2021.

In short, the presence of the XLS-20D is to support the NFT type of NFT, including promoting increasing, purchasing, sales, and storage of tokens in NFT-DEVNET.

Not enough with that, developers also have the opportunity to access the entire function associated with NFT such as: minting, trade, and combustion before the official launch of MainNet, XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Interestingly, NFT-DEVNET supports more advanced features, including automatic royalty, and joint ownership.

However, for now NFT-DEVNET is still in beta testing.

The rumor led to a surge of XRP price of more than 9% from the lowest level of $ 0.73 on January 11 to $ 0.8 today.

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