Checkmate! Russia Publicly Purchases Oil & Gas Using Bitcoin (BTC)


 Russia is ready to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments for all oil and gas export -related activities.

To our knowledge Russia is still facing economic sanctions on the decisions of the European Union (EU) and western countries following the invasion of Ukraine starting February 2022.

Even so, according to the chairman of the Duma energy committee, Pavel Zavalny, they can still carry out trading activities depending on the choice of payment method of the buyer.

For example, China can use national currencies such as the ruble and yuan, while Turkey can use the lira and ruble.

If buyers (importers) are interested in using BTC, Russia does not hesitate to accept it without any conditions: "Can also trade using bitcoin."

Supposedly BTC recorded a nearly 3% jump trading at $ 43,961 per unit at the time this article was written. It is still lower than the daily high of $ 44,381 recorded just now.

This is reminiscent of the positive statement of Russian president Vladimir Putin in October 2021: “I believe it has value. But it is still unstable to be used as a medium for oil trade. ”

However, for importers who are not ‘on par’ with Russia, Putin insists that gas purchases should use rubles or gold.

But only recently did the United States and the G7 decide to block gold transactions, causing the price of this metal to soar.

Does this mean that leading crypto exchange platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin will be racing to create sanctions as urged by the Ukrainian deputy president earlier?

Stay tuned for the latest battle!