Solana Network Gets Lively With New Projects, SOL Jumps Nearly 12%


 Solana (SOL) showed an outstanding performance in 24 hours with a jump of almost 12% in 24 hours as its price touched the $ 104.83 level today.

Solana’s record makes this asset the second to soar by double -digit numbers after Algorand (ALGO).

What happen?

Formal collaboration between video game maker PUBG and Solana Labs in an effort to introduce blockchain -based games.

Web3 game startup, Block Tackle announced an NFT -based skateboarding game at Solana.

Coinbase, meanwhile, recently listed SOL in its search engine extension wallet.

A crypto donation solution, The Giving Block has supported the Solana blockchain on its platform, allowing donors to donate to 1,400 charities using SOL.

Asset management company Grayscale launched an Ethereum -free altcoin fund comprising 24% Solana this week. (The rest includes: Cardano-24%, and other coins-4%-16%each).

Solana’s decentralized exchange (DEX), Orca has just announced its latest feature, Whirpools beta, allowing investors to get high financial returns.

Even so, based on SOL’s current price, this asset still needs a jump of over 151% to redeem its all -time high value (ATH), $ 260.06 recorded on November 6, 2021.

SOL’s performance today will probably continue the 35% jump that has been recorded over the past two weeks.