Ahead of Web3 Race, Miami Launches 5,000 NFTs

 The City of Miami has launched 5,000 NFT collections in collaboration with Time USA publisher of TIME magazine, Mastercard and Salesforce. This move is intended to take a step forward in leading Web3 innovation in Florida.

The NFT collection was designed by 56 local Miami artists, representing an area of ​​56 square miles. Its launch will be held in December this year with the objective of giving NFT holders the advantage of receiving a unique experience.

According to Mayor Francis X. Suarez, he is excited to join forces with TIME, Mastercard and Salesforce in this initiative. Additionally, the city of Miami has been at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

It will continue to study new technologies to support businesses to grow, raise capital and provide an engaging experience for the community. At the same time, an organized approach will be applied to local artists and charities.

Through the initiative, Time USA has devised an NFT city strategy, while Mastercard has given exclusive offers to NFT holders such as special access to restaurants and private cultural tours in the city.

 In order to take advantage of the NFT Cloud platform in the future, Salesforce will reportedly manage the process in mining and the main sale of NFT.

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