Ukraine's First Grain Shipment Rejected by Buyer, What Happened?

 The first ship allowed to leave for grain shipments from Ukraine will have to find a new buyer after Lebanon refused to accept it, according to the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon.

In a tweet made by the embassy on Monday, the buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the cargo because the delivery period was delayed by more than 5 months, causing the shipper to find another buyer.

The cargo ship Razoni was the first ship to sail earlier this month under a United Nations (UN)- and Turkey-sponsored agreement providing safe passage in and out of the Ukrainian port of Odesa region.

It is well known that global food prices have skyrocketed since the Russian invasion which has affected many countries that depend on grain from Ukraine.

The Razoni was carrying about 26,000 tons of corn and is currently in the Mediterranean near the Turkish coast, according to shipping data.

So far, 10 ships have departed from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports under the Black Sea agreement.

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