Elon Musk Becomes Joe Biden's 'Target' Because of Threats to US Security?


 'Didn't Biden send a spy near Musk's house recently?'

The President of the United States (US), Joe Biden joked by saying billionaire Elon Musk's gestures need to be focused and monitored.

When interviewed by reporters regarding Musk's actions of playing politics with other countries to the extent that it could threaten US security, President Biden was seen to give a neutral and humorous response.

Biden said that Musk's gestures in technical relations and/or cooperation with other countries are things to watch out for.

He further commented that Musk's action is not something that should be done but it does not mean that it is the right thing to do, instead he suggested that Tesla's Chief Executive Officer's (CEO) gesture should be observed.

This is believed to be a follow-up to last month's White House order discussing the need to launch a national security review of Musk after the Twitter acquisition.

The emergence of concerns about the right to freedom of expression on Twitter after the acquisition of Musk because he is one of the outspoken critics who fight for people's right to express themselves against the government online.

In addition, Musk has also been involved in the controversy of tensions between China and Taiwan where he proposed peace through the transfer of some control of Taipei to Beijing.

Not to be forgotten is Musk's proposal to Ukraine to hand over Crimea to Russia to end the war, in addition to saying that SpaceX will withdraw Starlink funds from Kyiv.