Hacker In Jail, But Moved $1.2 Million BTC! How is that?


 "Very cunning, even close to prison to do bad things."

Srikrishna Ramesh aka Sriki who is a famous Indian cryptocurrency hacker has transferred a huge amount of Bitcoin (BTC) worth $1.2 million from jail without anyone noticing.

That streak, Sriki was arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Crime Department in 2020 following hacking of BTC and other cryptocurrencies worth millions.

Initially, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) had arrested Sriki for procuring drugs through the DarkNet, but during the course of investigation it revealed that the fraudster was also involved in crypto fraud.

However, Sriki who is in a quarantine jail in the southern city of Bengaluru managed to transfer $1.2 million worth of BTC by bribing a police constable to bring him a laptop in his cell.

After the constable brought in a laptop with an internet connection, Sriki who transferred the BTC on the instructions of some influential people had 'laundered' the money in prison in just 20 minutes.

Later, Sriki transferred the stolen BTC to a different wallet address and the money may have been sent to India through an unknown secret network, therefore SIT is now investigating the following and checking the wallet for more details.

The crimes at the prison took place between 2020 and 2021 shortly after Sriki was incarcerated following a drug and crypto scam, so authorities are currently questioning the fraudster about his connections.