RM681 Million of Malaysian People's Tax Money 2022 'Lost' Just Like That!


 Auditor General, Datuk Wan Suraya revealed a report of a total of RM681.71 million in public funds recorded as missing through the 2022 report (LKAN) due to the failure to implement six programs under the ministry in 2022.

This finding was obtained as a result of 16 performance audits worth RM208.882 billion and losses reaching RM704.58 million.

According to yesterday's report, one of the programs that caused the biggest loss was the Management of the Rice Planting Program which involved public funds amounting to RM 660.14 million.

In addition, the failure of Langkawi Development Authority's Real Estate Development Management (LADA) also contributed to a loss of RM14.33 million.

Firearms Regulatory Management Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs recorded a loss of RM6.34 million.

Next, the Marine Protected Area Conservation Program Management lost an amount of RM490,000 and the Investment Promotion Program for the Manufacturing Sector an amount of RM290,000.

Lastly, the Safe City Program Management also suffered a failure by recording a loss of RM120,000.

Other losses such as inefficient rice paddy subsidies, insufficient supply of firearms and failure to provide exemptions from fines imposed on late supply of crops.

Not only that, LKAN also reported that a total of RM21.35 million of people's money was wasted through three managements. Among them is the Integrated Foreign Workers Management through the Integrated Foreign Workers Management System (ePPax) & Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS) which is worth 19.39 million.

Management of the Marine Protected Area Restoration Program with a record of waste of RM1.04 million and Management of the Strengthening Capacity, Capability & Competitiveness of the Construction Industry Program with a total loss of RM920,000.

Meanwhile, irregular payments by the government at that time recorded a loss of RM1.52 million involving the Management of the Podium Suka Elit Program with a value of RM1.47 million.

Program Management to Empower the Capacity, Ability & Competitiveness of the Construction Industry with a loss of RM50,000.

The report also found that the remaining allocation accumulated up to 2022 amounting to RM448.87 million has been channeled to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Safety (KPKM) for the Board of Farmers' Organizations (LPP) as subsidies and incentives to rice farmers. However, it is not spent as it should be.

KPKM at that time was accused of ignoring the government's interests by allowing suppliers to be exempted from penalties for late supply of fertilizer worth RM211.27 million.

It also revealed deficiencies in monitoring the remaining LPP allocations and the agencies involved regarding rice planting in other granaries.