Don't Be Surprised, Xai Token Soars 66% In Just One Week!


 "Apparently, the price of Xai wants to buy lajak first before it goes up, have you bought it or have you missed it?"

The price of the XAI cryptocurrency broke through $1.22 when its founding Xai gaming network on Ethereum (ETH) scaler Arbitrum (ARB) launched an airdrop of 125 million XAI to early adopters and supporters early last week.

Pleased to inform you that XAI was created together with Arbitrum developer Offchain Labs, a gaming studio called Ex Populus and the newly established Xai Foundation, where it aims to be the leading blockchain gaming.

Last week, an airdrop of XAI tokens was given to users who held some initial collection of Xai non-fungible tokens (NFTs) along with users who purchased Santry Keys to operate validator nodes.

While sentry* node operators can claim 1,658 XAI per node they own which is currently worth $1,860 while each NFT Vanguard Xai owner can claim 1,307 of those tokens worth over $1,460.

*Protects our validator nodes from a large number of queries to the point of overloading the port (DDOS)

The total value of the airdrop has increased to $140 million from about $70 million immediately after the XAI token launch last week.

Contextually, airdrops are one way for a crypto protocol or application to reward early adopters and contributors with tokens that often help isolate the governance process including allowing token holders to vote on proposals.

As of this writing, the price of XAI has surged by 25.61% at $1.13 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $544 million and a 66.51% increase over the last week.