The Government Launches the 'AI for the People' Program, Targeting One Million Users in 2024


 The Malaysian government introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program for the people that is able to bridge the gap in digital literacy and understanding of AI in society.

The program is a collaboration between Intel Malaysia which was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at Universiti Putra Malaysia today.

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli said the AI For People program is a government initiative to provide a basic understanding of AI technology and open up opportunities to deepen technological knowledge in the digital world.

He also said that this program will provide students with a basic overview of the world of AI with the aim of attracting their interest in venturing into and further building a career in the sector.

For other groups, this program can provide a basic understanding of AI so that we can better understand technology that will bring great benefits to us as individuals.

He explained that Malaysia is able to build a future-proof digital economy and enable the country to generate higher value on the world stage.

Meanwhile, Intel Malaysia's Managing Director, AK Chong said AI is not just a technological miracle but it is also a critical driver for an economy.

AI can also connect every individual to a world full of opportunities regardless of background or circumstances. The main focus of the program is to empower Malaysians with the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve success in the digital era.

AI For People is an online self-learning program designed to increase public understanding and awareness of AI.

It can be reached by all at any time. An interesting and interactive learning experience is provided through two sections namely AI Aware and AI Appreciate.

AI Aware aims to introduce and discuss AI use cases as well as clarify common confusion about AI.

While AI Appreciate covers more about the application and impact of AI across industries and targets those who want to improve their knowledge about AI.