Attention! This Crypto Exchange Is Listing ZEUS Tokens!


"Don't be fooled, everyone, ZEUS tokens are not from the Zus coffee brand."

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX officially announced the listing of the ZEUS token based on the Zeus Network allowing traders to trade the token based on USDT using spot pairs.

To differentiate itself from other competitors, Zeus Network strategically combines the high processing speed and scalability of Solana (SOL) with the unmatched security and liquidity of BTC.

Following the recent $8 million round of financing led by Mechanism Capital and supported by OKEx Ventures, Animoca Ventures and other entities, it successfully demonstrated the crypto market's confidence in significant improvements in blockchain controllability through ZEUS.

The financing initiative is focused on building cross-chain infrastructure that connects Solana (SOL) with other major blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) which will provide an interconnected and more effective ecosystem.

Zeus Network also wants to create an airdrop that aims to benefit its community and the network is willing to give several ZEUS tokens to worthy participants plus there is also a major launch in the coming months.

In addition to opening new avenues for market development and innovation in the blockchain space, Zeus Network also seeks to develop strong support for the seamless exchange of data and assets across different blockchains.

This effort was led by the development of its first decentralized application APOLLO which aims to close the liquidity gap between BTC and SOL which can improve the DeFi ecosystem.

It was announced that strong support from various global capital firms and angel investors including SOL Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko has signaled collective confidence in the network's vision and connecting various ecosystems using the SOL Virtual Machine (SVM) or Zeus Layer.