Iran's Anger is Increasing, Israel's Revenge Mission Will Erupt


Recently, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned Israel that Iran would attack the Zionist country within 48 hours.

The attack was characterized as a retaliation attack following Israel's actions which killed two Iranian military commanders at a Tehran consulate in Damascus, the capital of Syria and which killed 16 victims.

Based on a report by the Britain-based Syrian Monitoring Agency, among the victims who died were seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) including two generals and a member of Hezbollah.

Iran promised revenge for the attack and now several international media reports the CIA is increasingly worried that the threat to Israel may become a reality.

According to Al Mayadeen media reports, Iran is planning to attack with a swarm of drones and guided missiles that will be fired from its bases at strategic locations inside Israel.

The increasing tension will trigger an even more devastating war in the West Asia region.

Ralph Goff, a former senior CIA officer, said that an attack by Israel alone would anger Iran and its allies in West Asia and would also threaten the destruction of the Zionist state.

Israel's action was in response to punish Iran for its involvement in plans to kill and kidnap Israelis around the world.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, firmly stated that Israel's cruel actions would be met with even more severe punishment.

In this regard, the Israeli army also announced that it had strengthened its defense on Thursday after the deadly attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus which raised threats of retaliation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains adamant in his stance that they will strike back against anyone who wants to attack Israel.

His remarks came shortly after he announced to freeze leave for combat units and block GPS signals in certain locations to strengthen protection as the war against Hamas in Gaza approaches seven months.