The First Apple Store In Malaysia Will Be Officially Opened On June 22


Tech giant Apple will open its first physical store in Malaysia next month. It is to expand its business in Southeast Asia and increase their sales operations outside of China.

The Apple Store will be inaugurated at The Exchange TRX shopping center in Kuala Lumpur. The company announced the opening on its official website on Wednesday and began operations on June 22, 2024 at exactly 10am.

For information, the Apple Store is not just a store that sells Apple equipment and hardware. They also offer a comprehensive experience for Apple services in addition to being a community center in knowing various knowledge and tips related to the use of Apple technology and products.

Previously, Apple already had several stores in the region including India, Thailand and Singapore. Now, Malaysia will be an important country for Apple in terms of production and sales.

The US company has started production of several Mac brands in Malaysia a few years ago. They also produce several iPhone brands in India and AirPods in Vietnam.

The latest announced location has been under development for the past several years and hiring for the store began early last year.

Originally, the opening was scheduled for last February but it was slightly delayed.

Last April, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam to drive growth in the region.