Tragic Attack 'Mistake' In Rafah, Israel Will Heed The World's Warning - US


The US government announced on Tuesday that it is closely monitoring the investigation into the Israeli airstrikes on the Rafah camp that have claimed dozens of lives.

According to a statement from the US National Security Council Spokesman, John Kirby said Israel acknowledged that it was a tragic mistake. An increase in Israel's reckless attacks will result in a massive embargo on arms aid to them.

Previously, the United States established a 'red line' at the Rafah border on the Israeli military so that ground attack operations could be slowed down even though they would have difficulty hunting Hamas.

For now, the Israeli side has placed a high military line along the outer border of Rafah.

After the tragic mistake over Rafah, Joe Biden and his administration considered it a breach of promise by Israel. The US acted to stop the channel of military aid to the Zionist country following the invasion.

The Deputy President of the US, Kamala Harris thinks that Israel deliberately used the word 'mistake' to continue their crazy mission. The airstrikes sparked a fire in the Rafah security camp and killed 45 Gazans, including children.

Commenting further, he received a report from the Gaza health authorities that an Israeli tank had shelled a tent in the western area of ​​Rafah and killed 21 people on Tuesday.

Israeli military officials said the attack targeted two senior Hamas officials and did not intend to cause civilian casualties.

Leaders around the world are now expressing concern over the 'mistake' of airstrikes that caused a fire explosion in the Rafah humanitarian zone.

Based on the report of the Gaza Ministry of Health, more than 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7, 2023.