Beware of Europe! Twindemic Will Hit!

 According to one European health official, Stella Kyriakides, the increase in cases of Covid-19 infection in Europe is at risk of triggering multiple epidemics of the disease, including the flu and coronavirus. Therefore, the people and the government of the country are reminded to be vigilant.

By winter in the country, he warned of the "twindemic" risk of Covid-19 and the flu that could potentially kill more lives. Therefore, they urge the government to encourage people to get seasonal flu vaccines and adhere to social incarceration measures to reduce the transmission of coronavirus novels.

Moreover, adults who are at high risk of catching the flu are the most at risk for Covid-19 infection. Based on research by scientists at Public Health England (PHE) released this week, the risk of death is more than doubled for individuals infected with the flu and Covid-19, compared to those infected with Covid-19 alone.

For all you know, the seasonal flu virus has caused between 4 to 50 million infections a year in the European region and it depends on whether the region is experiencing a severe or relatively mild flu season. Even more shocking is the estimate that around 15,000 to 70,000 Europeans die each year from the flu.

Kyriakides and Andrea Ammon, directors of the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which monitors disease across Europe, say there has been an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases since August, with some countries seeing higher numbers of cases since its inception March.

So, all parties need to be vigilant because the Covid-19 pandemic epidemic is not over yet.