Rishi Sunak Announces New Stimulus Package - Job Support Scheme!

 British finance minister Rishi Sunak announced a new stimulus move, a new employment support scheme on Thursday. This stimulus measure will be able to help the company increase the number of jobs in a short time but he warned that this stimulus package can not save every job or job.

Sunak stated before parliament, that the UK administration will help resolve the issue of salaries among employees and help business companies retain employees.

Sunak added that the scheme will be implemented in November for 6 months and is open to all small and medium business companies. For large capacity, companies are only eligible if the company's 'turnover' falls during the crisis.

The administration and employers will increase the salaries of the workers as a reimbursement which includes two-thirds of the salaries of the workers who were lost during the crisis due to reduced working hours.

The pound traded 0.13% against the US dollar at 1.2742 as of 10.05 p.m.