Facebook Will Have a "Supervisory Agency"?

 The long-delayed Oversight Board by Facebook Inc. It is rumored to be launched in mid-October, just before the US presidential election in November.

The board was introduced by Facebook in response to criticism of its problematic handling of content, serves to review decisions and remove posts from Facebook and Instagram, and recommends policy changes.

One member revealed that the launch of the Oversight Board was scheduled for last year but was postponed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, cases of content related to the US presidential election have yet to be highlighted, as well as cases involving the post of President Donald Trump are not among the things the board examined as an experiment.

In recent months, Facebook has faced criticism by their staff for its decision not to take action against a post from Trump that contained misleading claims about postal voting and using rude language about anti-racism protests. Compared to Twitter which is its smaller rival, it took action to attach fact warning and warning labels to the same post.

At the initial stage, the board will only review the appeal against any posts deleted by Facebook. However, some experts say that it is not effective in dealing with problems such as disseminating misinformation and hate speech.

Initially, it will also only handle individual posts, not Facebook ads or groups.

In addition, the board allegedly has not made any changes to its terms of reference.

In addition, since the first 20 members of the chamber were announced in May, they have held virtual meetings to discuss issues such as how to select cases and address minority opinions.

The board is also comprised of former Danish prime minister, Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winners, legal experts and advocates from around the world, and is expected to grow to a group of 40 members.