Bad! $5 Million Lost in the Hands of Former Ankr Employees!


 "This is how people pretend to be good in the front, but they are different in the back"

Decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider protocol, Ankr was hacked for $5 million by a former employee of his own team who stole the deployer key* from the company's servers.

*Stored on the server and provides access to a GitHub repository

The Ankr team revealed that the former employee had stolen the deployer key to upgrade the protocol's smart contract, but it is still unclear how the theft occurred.

At the same time, Ankr brought the perpetrators to justice through the local authorities and also strengthened its security so that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

The team also mentioned that they will start applying multisig accounts* so that exploitation activities can be prevented even though before most individuals believe that gnosis accounts can reduce the risk of theft.

*Digital wallets that operate with multiple addresses associated with more than one private key

In addition, Ankr intends to improve human resources by checking the background of each employee and ensuring that access to sensitive data is only given to trusted employees.

They will also launch a more systematic notification system that can alert all employees quickly if there is any resistance.

For the record, the hacker has obtained 20 trillion Ankr Reward Bearing Staked BNB (aBNBc) and converted it to USD Coin (USDC) worth $5 million next to Ethereum (ETH).

Following that, Ankr wants to reissue aBNBb and aBNBc tokens to support users affected by the exploit and supply $5 million in new tokens.